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    The Boys, founded in 1980, played their signature style of polka music for over a decade.  By the time the group disbanded in 1990, The Boys had recorded five albums, received regional and national honors including the United States Polka Association's "1989 Favorite Band" and "1989 Favorite Album" awards, appeared in a major motion picture, and established themselves as one of the dominant forces in the polka industry. 


    In 2010, Polka Hall of Famers Mike Matousek and Frank Liszka, along with former band mates Al Puwalski and Jeff Yash, reunited and added the talents of polka veterans Mike Evan and David Morris to form The Boys of today.  Their "A New Day" CD won the Polka America Corporation's PACE Award for "Favorite Polish CD" of 2011 and the International Polka Association's "2011 Favorite CD/Album."   The Boys' hit song "In My Old Polish Town" also won the PACE Award for "2011 Favorite Original Song."   In 2013, the band released a new recording, titled "Boysterous" (see story below).



Discover “Where The Boys Are” 

  The Boys are proud to announce the release of their brand new CD, “Where The Boys Are,” as of January 1, 2016.  The 15 tracks on this album include a new, original composition, eight innovative arrangements, and six classic polka selections that exemplify the high-energy, signature sound of The Boys.  Polka Hall of Famer Frank Liszka composed and sings his original: Mary Jane, a catchy, exuberant polka that instantly grabs the listener.  He also rearranged and sings the powerful classics of Blue Ohio Dreamer, Uphill Climb, I’m Gonna Live It Up, Love Of A Lifetime, and Stop The World and Let Me Off.  Frank’s duet with Stacey Morris, the USPA’s Female Vocalist of the Year, on Love Makes the World Go Around is really something special.  The Boys’ renditions of the My Girl/Modern Girls Polka Medley, Where Did The Boys Go Oberek, Mr. Pan Polka (featuring reed work by guest artist Eddie Siwiec), Mom and Dad Know Best Waltz, and Flirting Polka would have made Eddie Blazonczyk Sr., Li’l Wally, and Frank Wojnarowsk mutually proud!  Al Puwalski is featured on his arrangement of I Don’t Believe I’ll Fall In Love Today; while Mike Matousek sings his arrangement of I’ll Never Find Another You.  Last but not least, Dave Morris is featured on the fun and lively: I Wish I Was A Millionaire Polka.  Throughout the album you’ll hear harmonies sung by Frank, Al, Mike Evan, and Mike Matousek.

DJs and IJs interested in receiving a promotional copy of Where The Boys Are should send an email request to that provides their polka show name, call letters/Internet network, and mailing address.  Polka fans can order the CD by sending an $18 check, payable to “Mike Matousek” at 8372 Williamstowne Dr., Millersville, MD 21108.  At last, you can discover Where The Boys Are! 


Get "Boysterous!"



    The Boys latest release, "Boysterous!", is still available!  Recorded by Hank Guzevich (Wizzears Studios) and mixed at Crowne Stone Studios, LLC, the recording boasts 3 new original compositions, 11 innovative arrangements, and 3 classic polka selections - 17 tracks in all!  The United States Polka Association's 2012 Favorite Male and Female Vocalists, Frank Liszka and Stacey Morris, are even featured singing a duet.  As a follow-up to The Boys' award-winning "A New Day" CD, "Boysterous" captures the energetic, signature style of band and showcases their vocal abilities like never before.  "Boysterous" can be ordered by sending a $17 check payable to Mike Matousek, 8372 Williamstowne Drive, Millersville, MD, 21108.  Online orders and digital download purchases can also be made via CD Baby.  Fine polka CD vendors like Jimmy K Polkas also carry The Boys' recordings.  Contact for more information.  



"A New Day" Wins Multiple Awards



    The Boys released their award-winning CD, "A New Day" in May of 2011.  It was the first recording produced by the group in over 22 years!  The album features five new original tunes including the PACE award-winning "In My Old Polish Town", some great covers, and a few classic Polish-style selections - 16 tracks in all.  It went on to win the International Polka Association's "Favorite CD" award for 2011.  To get your copy of "A New Day," just send your $15 check payable to Mike Matousek to the address below.  For digital purchases, click here.  The Boys also release a new single entitled "Polish Youngstown" for digital download.  Click here for more information.  



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